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Taste Japanese Cuisine

Food is life! Whoever wants to live a healthy life looks for food. Japanese food is very common to Asians. Koreans and Chinese adapted food from the Japanese during the colonization era. Here are the foods that we can taste from the Japanese Cuisine:

Tonkatsu– Breaded pork is the original Tonkatsu. Tonkatsu sauce will make the dish more yummy. This dish is one of the most special dish during the occasions. This tonkatsu is now being adapted by many people around the world especially meat eaters.

Sushi– Food ingredient rolled with seaweed sheet. This Japanese dish is the most familiar food to many people around the world. Sushi comes in many kinds depending on the ingredient used. What is very delicious are the ingredient placed on it.

Tofu– This is white in color made from soy milk. This food originated in Japan and is now being spread over the world. You can eat tofu alone or make a dish out of it like Miso Soup, Hiyayakko, Agedashidofu.


Okonomiyaki– The most ingredients are batter and cabbage fried flatly on a pan like a pan cake. Toppings can come from vegetables, seaweeds, meat. Toppings will make a difference in the taste this is why toppings made in an attractive manner.

Ramen-There is no question about this. Everybody knows that Eastern people are ramen(noodle) eater. Ramen is a basic food in Japan and a day is not completed when Mr. Ramen is absent.


Sashimi-Japanese people eat raw foods like sea meat. They come to eat raw foods dipped in vinegar or soy sauce. However, non-easterners are not really used to eat like this food.

Soba– Soba noodles are buckwheat noodles that can be served hot or cold. Example of a hot soba dish is the Kake soba, cold soba noodle is mori soba. Tanuki soba can be served either hot or cold.