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Only In Japan: A highway through a building story

Japan is known for many things that are very unique. They introduce many things that the world now copies or the other neighboring countries also copy. Japan has developed many practices or contributed in the food industry or in the art things that originated in their own country. They even developed something that is not common […]

Tips For Comfortable Travel In Japan

Many tourists who travel to Japan expects a very nice vacation especially if it is their first time. They are so excited that they want to travel as many places as possible and they also want to go to the famous places that those who go to Japan should go as if it is the […]

Recommended Foods To Cool Down Your Body

Have you experienced a time that you just want to open the fridge and feel the cold air from theirs? As the temperature can rise as much as to trigger profuse sweating, it is very important to stay hydrated to avoid sickness or heat stroke and other sicknesses that are caused by the heat. Our […]

The Top 10 Craziest Intersections In The World

Have you experienced losing your way while traveling or are you very good in directions? If you are one of the drivers who already know many things about roads then you are ready for the roads that have crazy intersections. In this article we will share to you through the video about the crazy intersections […]

Japan ice cream tower challenge

What do you do when you feel very hot and your body temperature is also high that you can sweat even if you are just standing doing nothing. Surely you will look for things or rather food and drinks that will cool you down. You can eat fruits that are good for the body to […]

Basic Business Etiquette in Japan

When doing a business, it is very important to take into consideration the basic etiquettes. You know, each country differs in everything as each country is bound by different culture and tradition. Business meeting may be the first time for everybody to gather and discuss some business matters. It is the time to negotiate, make […]

You Are a Guest in Japan, Must Know These!

Japan is such a beautiful place to visit! To avoid conflict and misunderstanding, you should understand these tips and guides, especially if you are not a Japanese. People in Japan observe politeness. First and foremost, you must know that no does not always means no and yes does not always means yes. So for an […]

Tokyo Experience: The Manga Cafe Adventure

Japan is a manga country that has many collections of different mangas that even dates how many years ago. Their writers and illustrators or artist are very talented that they have produced thousands of collections of manga. It is one of their pride that made it to the big screen and now becomes available to […]

Learning Facts on Pasta Health and Nutrition

Pasta is a food that is common in the european country. It is their main dish compared to asian that loves rice. many people who travel their have to adjust as they cannot find much rice. It is a great experience as you can taste the real pasta that was cooked from the place that […]

The different Japanese street foods

Food has attained many variations and ways to cook and to eat. One menu of cooking with basic ingredients can be twisted or added with some native ingredients of one country and it becomes different. How amazing that you can do many things with food. You can also season it according to the taste and […]