Basic Business Etiquette in Japan

When doing a business, it is very important to take into consideration the basic etiquettes. You know, each country differs in everything as each country is bound by different culture and tradition. Business meeting may be the first time for everybody to gather and discuss some business matters. It is the time to negotiate, make plan, propose and if the opportunity allows, it is a time to close the deal as well. This gathering is the best to impress the members of the coordinating company.



Otherwise, they may be displeased and fail to agree on the negotiation however good is the business. Here are some basic business etiquettes when doing a business in Japan. Bow or shake. Bowing in Japan is showing respect that is why bowing is very important that you should do when addressing your greeting. When it is time to take a seat, you must pay attention because everyone is guided to their proper seats. Giving gifts are great too. Japanese people like giving gifts



and it is appreciated when you give back, and it does not matter whether big gifts or little gifts. Your giving back of a gift shows that you understand Japanese culture. Actually, Japanese people are not used to talk with other cultures. So be reminded not to talk about negotiation on money matters too early. Also, it is a custom to prepare wine for the guests. Do not refuse to drink the prepared wine because it shows disrespect. Japanese like paying attention to details so you are expected to pay attention to details too.