Japanese Daily Lifestyle


Life in Japan is far different from life outside Japan. When you go to Japan, you will see that everybody is busy and that there is no time for each and everyone to be enjoying their time even for a day. How come? All man are obliged to find a job and work for the whole day. Fathers must be striving to sustain the life of the family especially for their children. If a man has no job although he is capable to work, it is regarded as a shame to the society.


Mothers must wake up very early in the morning to prepare breakfast for the family, stuffs of their children going to school and husband going to work, take care of other family members who belong to the household. Mothers always put their family first above everything else. They have no time to chat with their neighbors or even meet their friends. Vacation in Japan is very uncommon. Mothers have to take good care of their family needs from morning until they go to bed. Japanese mothers can only go to bed after checking their children’s assignments and preparing the tasks for the next day. They are the most busiest people on earth like ants. They have no enough rest and sleep.

Students whether high school or university students focuse on study only. There is also no time to play with friends or even go for a vacation. If they fail in their studies, they feel depressed so in some cases they commit suicide. It is a shame to fail in the studies especially the entrance exam to university level. Hope they can find happiness in such kind of life. Just as mothers have lack of rest and sleep, students also sacrifice their rest and time in order to study more and more.