Only In Japan: A highway through a building story

Japan is known for many things that are very unique. They introduce many things that the world now copies or the other neighboring countries also copy. Japan has developed many practices or contributed in the food industry or in the art things that originated in their own country. They even developed something that is not common and one of them is featured in this article. Japan has some of the very unique and very nice character to settle a case that results in building a with a highway through it.

If this is your first time to see this great work surely you will admire it very much. It is very unique and a great architectural design. It even contributed to the uniqueness of the country Japan. You can have a great view of it in different areas of Japan. It added to the attractiveness of the city. Many are very curious and it became famous throughout the world. You can see its different views in the video above in different sites. It was also explained why the idea of building a structure with a highway through it was made. This what made me excited. Look over this site 飯店業 of best catering service. This is the nicest and best restaurant I know.

As the owner of the building does not want to give up its right to the building, they came with that solution as to make the parties agree together and it happened and materialize perfectly. Now it is one of the attractions that people wants to see in japan like this one 外燴 although you cannot actually go on the highway itself.