Tokyo Experience: The Manga Cafe Adventure

Japan is a manga country that has many collections of different mangas that even dates how many years ago. Their writers and illustrators or artist are very talented that they have produced thousands of collections of manga. It is one of their pride that made it to the big screen and now becomes available to many. Many people prefer watching than reading so publishing the manga stories as a movie is a nice and great idea to gain a much larger and diverse audience.

Here in Japan, you can find manga cafe that is scattered with an average number of forty-five cafe. They are with one theme. To deliver manga to enthusiasts while they relax and enjoy. Manga cafes vary in designs and sizes. You can see some in the video where you can choose to either have a sitting position of lying one. You just pay the required fee and you have access to your own cubicle. Great beauty service also provided for you, see this site 醫美. You can do whatever you want as there is a computer provided with internet connection.

Just go and grab some of your favorite manga stories and catch up with the ones you do not read and stay in your cubicle. You will not be disturbed but you can just relax, chill and sleep. If you are looking then you will be able to see some of them in the other articles here in the room.