You Are a Guest in Japan, Must Know These!

Japan is such a beautiful place to visit! To avoid conflict and misunderstanding, you should understand these tips and guides, especially if you are not a Japanese. People in Japan observe politeness. First and foremost, you must know that no does not always means no and yes does not always means yes. So for an instance, they will offer you more food to eat and you really do not want anymore because probably, you are full. Even if you say no, they will still give you food because no can mean yes to them. In such case, just say Keko desu,


which means I had enough, but in a polite way. If you are hanging out with Japanese people, go somewhere and have a meal together, start a meal by saying Itadakimasu end it by saying Gochiso Samadeshita as well. These words should be addressed in a polite way. It is to express gratitude to everyone, to the one who served, who cooked and who treated. Anyway, everybody does this. In Japanese culture, wearing inside shoes and outside shoes is a big matter that should be observed.



Outside shoes/slippers should be different from inside slippers. If you see provided slippers inside the house, you can use them inside. There are certain slippers also in the bathroom aside from the inside slippers. Also, when you reach a carpeted room wearing an inside slipper with you, take off your inside slippers and wear your pair of socks or just go on with barefoot. Our customs may differ, and probably, a kind of awkward. But to follow and adapt is helpful. There is no misunderstanding.